About the project

This is an UI/UX Design challenge by Cisscom. Design 2 pages of an admin panel of a Restaurant’s Inventory Management System.

Today - A page showing an overview of today's Inventory.

Monthly Report - A page showing a summary of Inventory for the whole month to date.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Manager in charge of Inventory and then decide what UI components and data to include in your pages.​​

Number of Pages : 2
Time fame : 4 Days


> Follow "F" & "Z" reading pattern.
> Design a clean UI.
> Use maximum 5-6 cards.
> Only relevant & important information on the screen.
> Use simple & clean font.
> Use simple & clean colours.

Design Process

1- Research & Analysis
2- Paper Prototyping
3- Visual Design
4- Implementation & Testing

Paper Prototyping

I always starts with paper prototyping because it's the easiest, fastest, cheapest method to test a digital product and it's very easy to iterate any number of times.

Typography & Colour Palette

I used Roboto font family as my main font. The typography is maintained all over the design. I used 6 simple colour which gives the design clean & modern look. All of the colours are basic & mandatory for this dashboard

Final Screens

The screen size is 1366*904 & the 12 column grid lay out was properly maintained. the spacing between he cards & other sections is properly maintained in both pages.

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