About the project

Client wanted a nice & clean looking landing page with different section in it. The design should be code friendly and SEO friendly.

Platform : Web only
Time fame : 1 Week

About the company

LAD Doctor is platform in which the diabetes doctor can take any course to enhance their skill and knowledge. There should be a a option in which the doctors can evaluate their skill and according their skill the platform will suggest the courses for them.


> Design a clean & smart UI/UX
> Follow the basic e-learning platform
> Insert a test section with clean user experience
> Maintain the 12 column grid layout
> Use best colour grading, clear & visible typography
> Use colourful & attractive gradient

Work Process

1- Research & Analysis
2- Paper sketch
3- Wire framing
4- Select the colour and font style
5- Final high fidelity design

Paper Sketch & Wireframing

Wire Frame

Typography & Color Palette

Final Design

Other Screens (Sign Up)

Other Screens (Log In)

Other Screens (Log In)

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