PetMon - Pet Monitoring App Case Study

About the project

The project title is “PetMon”.It’s a pet monitoring app. Pet + Monitor = PetMon. This is a concept app which will help the pet owner to monitor their pet.


No matter how much we love our pets, we still need to leave home to go to work, travel, run errands … leaving our pets home alone and sad. How can you enable pet owners to interact with their pets when they’re not at home?


> To monitor your beloved pet
> To give command to your pet virtually
> To ensure the security of your pet
> To ensure the health status on real time

User flow diagram

I created this user flow diagram to show the working principle of the application. It helped me to create the prototype. This is a part of initial planning that how would be the look like. It will also help the developer to code the app in different platform.

Paper Prototyping

My 1st and most important step of starting a project is brainstorming the ideas using pencil & paper. This one of the easier and most effective way to make the planning of any project. I sketch different ideas and then I research on them. After proper analysis I picked the key ideas.


I used Roboto font family mainly. This is one of the most elegant & clean fonts that go with this application type. Typography consistency also exists all over the design.

Colour Palette

Based on research I used three basic colors which represent care, safety, love & satisfaction.


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