Rent Moto Website Design

About the Company

Rent-Moto is a car renting company which uses to rent all types cars along with buses, trucks, pick-up vans. Besides renting vehicles Rent-Moto created a platform for all other car renting agencies to showcase their services. It actually provides two types of services. Firstly renting cars & secondly give information about nearby car renting agencies. Users can compare prices between different car renting agencies & also contact with them directly to hire cars & other vehicles. The vision of this company to provide users the most most effective & easiest way to rent a car.


> Tell the vision & services of the company.
> Landing page needs to appeal both users & other agencies.
> Showcase two types of service separately.
> Needs the UI clear cut & to the point. So that user & agencies can save their time.
> As there are two types of audience, so the website needs to be very user friendly and can easily works for both audience.

Targeted Audience

1- Basic Users (Common People)
2- Car Renting Agencies


Web Only

Time Frame

3 Weeks

The Process

1. Research
2. Synthesizing research & competitor analysis
3. Paper prototyping
4. Layout design
5. Visual design
6. User Testing & conclusion

01. Research

For my research plan, I needed to learn more about the market, users, their needs and company owner goals. Building a landing page for two types of users at the same time posed another challenge. First I had to reach out to the business owner to know what he actually wants to acquire through the updated website. To go more in-depth I came to learn about its targeted audience & what's their online behaviour.

02. Synthesizing research & competitor analysis

I synthesized the data I gathered from the study about the audiences & the goals of the business owner. Two different kinds of the audience have a separate use case. I tried to find out a better perspective of their problems and a clear solution for both type audiences under the same roof. I also found what their common requirements and how this can be solved on the first page.I also collected data from the competitor.

03. Paper Prototyping

I always starts with paper prototyping because it's the easiest, fastest, cheapest method to test a digital product and it's very easy to iterate any number of times. I tried to drew the layout of the landing page based on the two types of audiences requirements & business owner and then also collected their feedback.

04. Layout Design

After the paper prototype, it is time to go digital & get a more clear vision about the UI. I took the feedback from the paper prototype & I modified the design in medium fidelity wireframe accordingly.

05. Visual Design

After all of the research & synthesizing it time go for the final make over. It can also be called high fidelity design.

Colour Palette

I used 3 basic colours which are relevant to the theme of the website. I also use black as my primary font colour. I also used black & yellow combination to make it elegant and clean.


I used Poppins & Montserrat font family which goes with the website perfect. The consistency is maintained properly all over the design.

Final Screen

The 12 Column grid lay out is perfectly maintained all over the design. The spacing in each section is also perfectly maintained.

06. User Testing & Conclusion

The landing page design was appreciated by business owner & is currently being developed to be tested. Additional pages design is in progress.

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